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In Interior design there are many styles to classify who you are by constructing a glorious existing space. Most people like to play it safe meaning selecting colors that are tone on tone. Sure its ok… but its boring, unexciting, and not inviting. Make small little changes…DON’T over due it!! For instance, add color to accent pillows on your sofa, reupholster your cushions with a different fabric on your dining room chairs. Purchase a rug that will make your space a statement. Get inspired don’t be afraid. However, Luxe Designs is pleased to help if your not confident.
Luxe Designs offers a consultation service. Our senior award winning designer/owner will come out to your home go over your design goals and get a feel of your personality and style. He will then unite your style with the space you want to tackle and give a visual rendering perspective of the room. Please call us for more information.

“The Key to great design is capturing the Spirit of the Client and the Essence of the Space.” ……..unknown

Maria K

Holiday Hours Announcement

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Our Showroom will be closed on Thursday 7/3 through Sunday 7/6 in observance of Independence Day. We will resume normal business schedule on Monday 7/7/14. We wish everyone a Blessed and Safe Celebration.

Luxe Team

Memorial Day

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Wishing you a peaceful and blessed Memorial Day. We will be closed Monday and reopen Tuesday May 27, 2014


Happy Easter

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Wishing your Easter is decorated with love, peace, joy and filled with blessings.

In observance of Easter on Good Friday we will be open from 9am-12pm. We will reopen Monday regular operating business hours.

Hope Everyone Has A Wonderful Easter!


Glamorous Bedroom

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It sure has been a while since I posted. I am ecstatic to share with you a bedroom that was completed today by our award winning designer Joe Albino. This room was taken to the next level. Custom tufted headboard, acid washed mirrors, custom bedding, window treatments, elegant lighting, fabric selection for the swivel chairs seating area, giclees art work, shag rugs, and custom ottoman and my favorite of is the LED lighting on the tray ceiling you may change (remotely) the colors from purple, blue, red, orange, or green. Our clients are blown away!!!! If you have any inquiries about this setting please feel free to contact us at our showroom. Let Luxe Designs help you with your interior design needs.
01-005 LED Tray Ceiling change color light setting
01-0008 Custom Window treatment

The customer’s initial ideas were to get as much space as possible and to convert the master bedroom suite into a sanctuary peace and happiness. Mr. Albino then continued to take in all their ideas and concerns and started sketching the room on site, with new elevation and transforming the ceiling from 8 ft to 10ft with double coffered with crown molding. At the same time, to give the room more height and depth a custom tufted headboard was created with antique argyle mirrors on right and left as well as drop down decorative crystal pendants, to maximize space on their existing night stands. The trim, corbors, and crown molding were sprayed with mother of pearl to enhance the cobalt purple velvet on headboard. The decorative pillows and bedding were manufactured at Luxe Designs and designed with velvets and iridescence fabrics all in monochromatic tones. The bed spread was designed with an attached bed skirt for easy dressing in the morning. There are a total of 25 different textured fabrics and colors in this room to easy the mind and soul with the dominate color cobalt purple. A chocolate crushed velvet ottoman was added in the seating area to balance the room and enhance the beautiful champagne crystal chandelier. Everything was placed on top of two soft silk hair like shag rugs. The finishing touch was the decorative trim appliqués applied to the ceiling with two abstracted pieces of art to balance out color and remote control privacy shades to finalize their happiness.


Merry Christmas

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Elegant  holiday table setting with red ribboned gift

May the glow of Christmas fill the hearts of you and your loved ones all year long.

We will reopen on January 2nd for normal business hours and thank you for your business in 2013!

Luxe team


Thanksgiving Luxe Designs Hours

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Due to the deadlines of projects and working on the expansion of our showroom Luxe Designs will be closed the week of November 25 thru November 30. We will re-open December 1st. We wish everyone a Happy and Yummy Thanksgiving!!!



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It’s almost here!! Our new redesigned website! We had so many clients informing owner/award winning senior designer Joe Albino that his website doesn’t do him justice of his line of work. We couldn’t agree more. We will be adding more recent commercial and residential projects on our site and shocking before and after pictures. We are still under construction in the expansion of our glamorous showroom, but feel free to stop by and browse around. We also had numerous of calls/emails in why we haven’t been open on Saturdays due to the deadlines of projects we have been on job sites Saturdays and Sundays and we apologize for that; however, Saturdays and Sundays are open by appointments only.


Thank you for understanding,
Luxe Design Team


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Most of us can relate when were standing in line waiting to checkout we tend to get tempted in purchasing some type of magazine wether its US weekly, People, Readers Digest, Men’s Health, Shapes, Metropolitan Home, Sports Illustrator, Soap, or if your a fashionista like me and an adrenaline junky I purchase Oxygen and Vogue. The other day, I was in line and reading one of the Home designs cover. It said something like, Total makeover in one week. Another one was problem solving furniture. I immediately thought to myself if I was tackling this project on my own everything would go wrong. We all try to gather resources and ideas from magazines, pintrest, and of course the internet. Its a lot easier seeing it then putting it all together. First, we think of color? I often think how long does painting take? Hours? Days? Will I be done by Sunday if I start Thursday? All these thoughts running through my head and asking myself is this really worth such a short challenge? One of our dearest client husband said it the best. “My wife would like to remodel our house so our guests from Greece can come and be overwhelmed when they come over for a cup of coffee”. LOL! (that always makes me laugh).
Five Tips for Speeding Up the Painting Process

1st= you need a plan…. What is it that you want to accomplish? Do you want to pant the ceiling? Crown molding? Is it only the walls you want to cover? Again, a plan is important without it you will find yourself making many errors.

2nd=Purchase your Supplies in advance…. I advice you NOT to purchase any materials the day of the project cause most likely you will forget something.
3rd=Tape and cover the night before. I always try to tape off my room with painter’s tape and cover the flooring the night before I begin painting. This will save you lots of money in costly mistakes and trust me you don’t want to experience any paint spilled on your brand new carpet, marble, or wood flooring.

4th=Use paint + primer products when you can. If you aren’t going for a really drastic color change (like from bright red to a fresh white), try to use a paint + primer product. This will save you the time of having to purchase, apply, and wait for a stand-alone primer to dry since the priming qualities are built into the paint itself. Designer Joe Albino recommends Benjamin Moore.

5th=Care for tools between paint coats. Most of the time, you’ll need to apply two coats of your paint color—the coverage and color saturation will be much better than it is with a single coat. Between coats, wrap your brushes and rollers in plastic wrap.

Also, there are various websites to calculate how much paint you need for your project. You can google paint calculator and a few links should come up.

Whether you’re looking for color ideas or you want to see how colors will look in your room, we’ve got the supplies to help you get rolling!


Luxe Designs consultation Services

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A. A few good reasons:
* Interior Designer has experience, contacts and resources that you do not have access to.
*Interior Designer’s expertise can save you time, frustration and costly mistakes.
* Interior Designer can make your living space function more effectively.
* Interior Designer can select and coordinate all the elements of your design scheme – from wall colors, to fabrics, to furnishings, to accessories – so that everything blends and works well together.
* Interior Designer can help you create a one-of-a-kind residence that reflects your personality and suits your lifestyle.

At Luxe Designs, award winning designer Mr. Joe Albino will meet with you in your home, go over your design goals, observe your taste, and give you options to turn your space into your dream home. The design of your home reflects your personality and gives a personal touch to the ambiance of your home. We typically take a few pictures and measurements of the room(s) you want to conquer in order to accurately understand the vision that you have of your space and to understand fully the current environment.

After your consult, Mr. Albino will select a color pallet and give you a visual perspective on paper of what the room will transform to. Most of our clients reactions is, “Wow we really weren’t expecting this”! I must confess it is above and beyond but that’s what makes him the best at what he does.

Below is a recent residential renderings…(Patti S. drawing)


This is the After…

Another Perspective